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Video Tape Yourself Shooting Pool

Have you ever watched a pool match between the pro's with, Allison Fisher - The Duchess of Doom, Jeanette Lee - The Black widow, Ewa Laurance - The Striking Viking, Helena Thornfeldt - The Sledgehammer or Allen Hopkins on ESPN or at Valley Forge Super Billiard Expo in PA?

We watch their deadly shot making and their perfect position but do you watch what their doing with their bodies as they prepare for and execute each shot? I strongly suggest that you video tape some matches and play them back. Watch how they get their bodies in line for each shot and how they stand. Watch what parts of their body move and what parts don't move. You will learn a lot.

Now tape three or four games of you playing pool. Are you getting in line with each shot? Are you standing right? What body parts move and don't move as you execute your shots. Do you jump up on hard shots? When you think you have corrected any of these problems you might have had, than video tape yourself again and again until you think you have corrected them all. Do this every few months to keep yourself disciplined. Your mind will develop very good habits every time you shoot.

Just like the pro's do.

Good Luck!

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