Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker using Ez Shot Ghost Ball. Teach yourself how to shoot pool the EZ way.The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target shows you exactly where you need to aim your cue stick to pocket the pool ball.
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Pool Shooting Tips for Beginners

Practice each of the following steps as individual steps. Once you master each step, you will be on your way to playing pool

The Bridge:
Place your bridge hand flat on the pool table. Pull your fingers back towards your palm keeping your fingertips and wrist flat on the table. Now pull your thumb up higher then your index finger. Place the cue stick on the inside of your thumb pulling the stick back and forth with a gentle motion. Always remember that you need a steady bridge that will not wobble. Think of it like driving. You would not drive your car across a bridge that moves, so you should not shoot a shot with an un-steady bridge. In addition, you will not be able to use this same bridge for every shot, but the key idea to remember is to keep a steady bridge that will not move.

The Hold:
Place the cue ball at a comfortable place on the table and ready to shoot a shot. Place the stick on your bridge hand and place your other hand on the back of the stick. Grip the butt of the stick gently, make sure your wrist is straight and not turned inward and let the butt rest on your fingertips. Pull the stick to your side so it gently touches your side and take a few strokes. Now look at your backhand, it must be at a ninety-degree angle. Think of the ninety-degree angle as the letter L, because you Love to shoot pool. As you stroke the stick, lock your shoulder in place and only swing at the elbow. If your elbow is not at a ninety-degree angle, then move your backhand either back or forth on the butt until it is. This is very important because if you do not have a ninety-degree angle when you shoot the shot then it will throw your shoulder out and you will throw your shot. Always look back and make sure.

The Glide:
Put your stick on your good bridge and make sure your back arm is at ninety-degree angle. Pull your stick close toward your side and stroke the stick back and forth. Now watch your cue tip as you stroke, making sure that your tip is not moving left or right. If it does move left or right, check your ninety-degree angle or tighten your shoulder to achieve a straight- forward motion on the cue tip. Practice this technique using slow strokes until you get a good forward motion. Then practice it using faster strokes. Remember to swing at the elbow only.

Dominant eye:
Before you can start making shots accurately, you have to find out which eye is your dominant eye. This is very important because if your dominant eye is not over the stick then you will aim off center of the cue ball when your eyes and mind tell you that you are shooting center. First, put your arm out in front of you with your thumb in the air and your fingers bent in towards your palm. Now pick an object on the wall in front of you about 15 feet away and try to cover the object with your thumb and keep both eyes open. You should see two thumbs. Now close the right eye and then the left eye. You should have noticed that your thumb covered the object with one eye and it moves with the other eye. Once you find out which eye is your dominant eye then practice making shots making sure this eye is over the stick. It might feel weird at first, but if you persist then you will start feeling comfortable with this technique. Also, keep in mind, if you are right handed and left eye dominant or vise versa, then this technique will be some -what more difficult to catch on to.

The Stance:
First, what side is your bridge hand? OK, it is the left hand. Then the left leg should be closest to the table, or vise versa for right hand. Step into your shot with your bridge side leg heading towards the object ball into the pocket and the other leg in back. Now move your feet a hips width apart and bend your knees slightly. You should have one foot in front of the other and by keeping your legs, a hips width apart you will not wobble back and forth. This is just as important as a good steady bridge, for if your stance moves then your stick will move and you will not be able to hit the cue ball where you want to hit it. Now you will not be able to do this on all shots because you might have to reach for certain shots, but remember if your body sways then get up and re-adjust your stance until you feel comfortable with out swaying.

The Follow through:
With the exception of certain shots, the most important thing to remember is to push your stick straight through the cue ball and keep your stick out in front of you until you hear the ball hit or until you pocket the ball. Think of your stick as an arrow and push through the cue ball to the target. If you can master this technique then you will avoid the very hard to break habit of jumping up on your shots and you will make more shots and look professional too.

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