Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker using Ez Shot Ghost Ball. Teach yourself how to shoot pool the EZ way.The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target shows you exactly where you need to aim your cue stick to pocket the pool ball.
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Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker

Q: How can I shoot really well one night and the next night shoot so poorly? Teddy.

A: Teddy, The answer to this could be several problems, but for most people who have this problem the answer is simple. On the night you are shooting well you are relaxed and your stick is under your dominate eye. The next night you shoot poorly is the night you are tense and your stick is not under your dominate eye. My advice to you is to remember this is a game and it takes skill, but it should be fun too. When you start, missing shots then go back to the basics. Read the article "Pool shooting tips for beginners" on the dominate eye. Have fun and good luck on you upcoming games.

Q: Why do I usually miss my shot when using English? John

A: John, when you use English you should not aim at the same spot as you would for center English, you have to compensate for the difference. Where you would normally aim, try aiming inch to the left or right to compensate for the English. Remember the ball veers to the side you hit it on. Keep practicing and good luck.

Q: How can I get good draw on the cue ball? Sam

A: Sam, you do not have to hit the cue ball hard, or jack up on your stick to get a good draw. You need to have a level stick, shoot low on the cue ball, and follow through at a steady speed. The follow through is what causes the cue ball to spin backwards. Follow through by pushing your stick past the spot where the cue ball was.

Q: My wife keeps jumping up on critical shots, what can she do to stop this?

A: People who have problems on jumping up on shots are not sure of making that shot. Here are a few ideas you can try to stop jumping up. Right before you are ready to release your shot, try closing your eyes until you hear the balls click. Another way is, as soon as you release your stroke; keep the stick out in front of you and keep it pointing out, until you hear the balls click. Either way, do not move the stick until you hear the cue ball hit the object ball

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