Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker using Ez Shot Ghost Ball. Read how others have learned to shot pool using Ez Shot Ghost Ball.
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Here's what other have said about Ez Shot Ghost Ball

I can't truly sum up how much the EZ Shot Ghost Ball has helped me, so I'll just say the following.

I've been playing pool pretty seriously for about a little over a year now and up till last week I had only ran a rack once (in 8-ball). I started using the EZ Shot Ghost Ball about a week ago and this past weekend I ran the rack twice. Once in a year compared to twice in a week just shows how much of a help the EZ Shot Ghost Ball is. Thank you for your great product.

P.S. - Once again, thanks for the product and all the additional help and tips. You've helped improve my game dramatically in just a short time. I can't wait to see how much better I get overtime now that I have your product.

Congratulations to the gang at EZ Shot making the Ghost Ball.

It is one of the best device's on the market for improving the game of pool. Your news letter is also top of the line. Keep up the good work.
Ron Hornberger
Elberta, Al

New Pool Training Device Available

New Training Device Available. Just when we thought we had seen all there is in aim training devices, along comes a great new product; the E-Z Shot Ghost Ball.

The ghost ball aiming method is probably the most widely used of all aiming systems. Even players who don't call it the ghost ball method in fact use the same technique of imagining the collision between the cue ball and object ball at the correct location. The problem is that some students of the game simply aren't comfortable with the ghost ball concept. They want a more concrete system of aiming, not simply trying to imagine a point in space.

Of course, there are already ghost ball training systems on the market, but they don't really help the student get a clear picture of the ghost ball. They show you where the ghost ball should be located, but that's about it. The rest is left to you.

The E-Z Shot Ghost Ball can provide the student with real three dimensional visualization of the ghost ball and can even show the correct point of aim when applying English. It does this using two very cleverly machined pieces of plexiglas (as shown in the photo). When not in use, the two pieces lie flat together and fit in a small carrying pouch that can easily be tucked into your cue case.

ez-shot-ghost-ball pool training device
The E-Z Shot Ghost ball shown beside a normal cue ball.

Joe Hardesty
Joe is a Billiards Congress of America certified Coach with over 40 years experience. His mission is to promote the great game of pocket billiards, help new players learn the game, and improve the game of existing players.

EZ Shot Ghost Ball is a great practice tool

"I think the EZ Shot Ghost Ball is a great practice tool for anyone new to the game and I would definitively recommend trying it." Good Luck to you guys!
Ewa Mataya Laurance is one of the most well-known and recognizable stars in the history of pocket billiards. A past winner of multiple World Championships, including the sport's biggest prizes, the WPBA World 9-Ball Championship, as well as America's most prestigious prizes, the US Open 9-Ball title (twice), and the WPBA National 9-Ball Championship.

I bought your target and it really works.

I bought your target and it really works. I really could see where to aim my stick to make the shoot. I then set it up for my girlfriend's ten-year-old daughter to use and she was making all her shots. I bet if she keeps using the Ez Shot she would be able to turn professional Pool player in a few years Thanks for a great product.
Jody McDonald

I have been giving pool lessons for several years...

I have been giving pool lessons for several years and this product really helps my students advance faster then I have seen. It has made my job easier.

My husband has been playing pool for several years

My husband has been playing pool for several years and just recently started to teach me how to shoot. I was getting frustrated when I would miss my shot, so I bought the target to see if it would help me. I can't believe how much it has help me. Thank you.

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