Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker using Ez Shot Ghost Ball. Teach yourself how to shoot pool the EZ way.The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target shows you exactly where you need to aim your cue stick to pocket the pool ball.
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My Pool and Billiards Hall of Fame

You can't go to the Billiards Hall of fame to see a picture of my Hall of fame hero, for he isn't a professional. I am talking about the greatest pool player I have ever known. I grew up in a bar and that is where I met him 30 years ago and he has changed my life and many others too, along his journey through life. My Mother, who was the bartender, actually called me to come to meet him. Being such a young girl I couldn't stand going to the bar to even take my Mom's dinner down, yet, alone to go there to meet some one who she called special. She said you are going to love him and he is playing his guitar, so please come and meet him. Being musically inclined my Mother thought I would enjoy his guitar playing. So, even though I didn't want to go to the bar, I did go for her. When I walked into the bar Bob was bent over the pool table and shooting pool. Now you might think well that isn't so special, but Bob has Polio and walked with crutches, but when he played pool he would walk around the pool table holding on the rails not using his crutches. I watched him for hours winning game after game after game. He even beat the best pool players in the bar, which I thought they could never be beat. Watching him play he had such class to his shooting and he was never arrogant and would always play a clean game. He called all of his shots, even a double kiss on the cue ball. Wow, the best players couldn't even call shots like that. He would sing as he shot pool and even showed some players how to make certain shots and get position for the next shot. I think he finally got tired of standing and shooting for such a long time, and that's when he lost his first game and finally sat down with me to play his guitar. After talking with him for a while I commented on his pool playing and I told him I was amazed that a guy in his condition could play so well. Of course he joked and said that he was normal and the other people he was playing were messed up. Now through our 25 years of marriage he is still playing pool and he still amazes me the way he shoots. Just 4 years ago I ask him to teach me how to play, but I didn't want to learn that English because I thought it was too hard to learn. He laughed and said OK. Well this is where his real talent comes in to earning him My Billiards Hall of Fame. Bob has always loved to teach people how to shoot pool. He never gave lessons, but he would offer advice to weaker players, or show anyone who ask how to shoot. But teaching his wife took a lot of patients on his part. I was really clueless when it came to shooting pool. I had no idea of where to hit the object ball or even where my cue ball was going even if I made the shot. So he would put his finger in front of the ball and tell me to aim for his finger. I did and I missed. We tried this method several hundred thousand times and I would make one the miss one. I got very frustrated. He then realized he had to put his finger where I would aim my tip and then I started making the shots. But If he didn't put his finger in front of the ball I was back to being clueless again. I really wanted to learn how to shoot and I got so upset when he would tell me to imagine a ghost ball in front of the object ball. I told him I couldn't imagine this stupid ghost ball and I told him to make me one. That is when my hero made me the EZ Shot Ghost Ball, now I am finally playing a fairly good game of pool. Thanks Bob for being my husband and for teaching me how to shoot pool. I know it has been a rough journey with me, but I am worth it.
Love Judy

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