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How to Play Pool Under Pressure

Playing under pressure is very hard to deal with. These pressure games are usually when you are playing for money, a tournament, or on a league, when there is more a stake than just the game. It is all a mental state. Negative thoughts will take over your positive thoughts even when you know you can out shoot this person any day of the week.

You must practice every part of your game to improve. Making your shot, drawing the cue ball, stop shots, and follow are some of the things you must work on to get good at them. Positive thoughts, better known, as confidence is also a part of the game you must work on. You have to find the mental thought that works best for you.

Here are a few things you can do to help you play pool better under pressure.

1- ( Breathing ) If you feel nervous or tense then, check to see if you are holding your breath or you are breathing normal. When you hold your breath or slow down your breathing, it slows down the oxygen to the brain and you do not think clearly. Take a few deep breaths before you shoot.

2- ( Positive Thoughts ) If in the back of your head your thinking, this persons is really good and I am not good enough to beat this person. You are putting a negative thought in your head. Here are a couple of things to try to replace the negative thought with a positive thought. In your mind pretend, you are playing a friend or your spouse. When it is your turn at the table do not look at the person your playing at all and keep your eyes on the table and the balls you are shooting. Put the thought in your mind that you have shot this same shot a hundred times before and made it.

3- ( Distraction ) Sometimes if your opponent knows you are not confident but you have a good chance of beating them, they will try to distract you by talking to you while you are shooting or stand in your line of sight and even move around in hopes you will look at them instead of your shot. This is called, sharking. When it is your turn up at the table keep your head on your game. Do not think of anything else but your game. Focus your eyes on the table and your shot only.

4- In any case, you must find something that works best for you and practice doing the same thing over and over until it becomes a good habit. I hope that this helps to improve your game. Good luck with your up coming matches.

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