Trade links to learn how to play pool billards and snooker with the Ez Shot Ghost Ball pool training tool.
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Trade Links With The Ez Shot Ghost Ball Pool Billiards and Snooker Website

Here's the code to use with instructions below. After you install the code send us the page with the link and your code.

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To grab the code and add it to your page just right click in text box - choose select all from drop down - right click again - choose copy - then paste the code into your website and send us the link with your code.

The link should look like this:

Ez Shot Ghost Ball -Learn how to shoot pool the EZ way.
The EZ Shot Ghost Ball teaches you exactly where to aim to make any shot. It has a built in tangent line and comes with a removable dial-a-English hand so you can learn position. It is the only True Visual Ghost Ball.

Thanks for the Link!

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