There are two different types of EZ SHOT GHOST BALL targets and they both have a built in tangent line to show the direction the cue ball will take after pocketing your object ball. The basic target teaches you how to make your shots using center English only and the English target teaches you how to make your shot when applying English. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced player you can decide which one is best for you.
The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target shows two methods of aiming, how much of the ball to hit and the new tip theory, which is a more precise method of aiming. In addition, what would you think if I told you there are only 6 places to aim your cue stick to pocket the ball using center English only. That's right! There are only 6 places and if you eliminate a straight shot and a thin cut, then you only have to remember 4 places to aim. Now that you know there are only 4 places to aim your stick, don't you think this game will be much easier to learn and play.
Basic target sells for $34.99 + S&H + tax 
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target sells for $44.99 + S&H + tax
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