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How to Choose a Pool Cue Stick Tip

Putting the right tip on your cue, that does what you want it to do, is just as important as buying a cue stick that looks and fells just right for you only. There are so many different tips out there that it would take to long to mention them all. The following will explain what they are made of, how they are made, and the different affects they will produce.

Types of Materials How they are made
Leather cowhide One Piece
Water buffalo hide One Piece or Layered
Layered Many layers glued together
Components Components compressed into one piece

Grades Affects Amount of English you can apply
Hard Gives you a firm hit Use a little to average
Medium Gives you a medium hit Use a little to above average
Soft Gives you a hard hit Use a little to Extreme

I hope this will help you in making a decision on what tip will work best for you.

Good Luck
EZ Shot Ghost Ball

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