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I am just like so many of you. I am tired of being ripped off with products that do not work and sometimes fall apart before you even use it. So my goal was to make a product that will not fall apart under normal use and that really does work. Something I would spend my hard earned money on.

The ghost ball theory is the most world wide recognized system for teaching the game of pool. That is why I wanted to use a ghost ball to teach my wife Judy and my son Rob how to shoot pool. The only problem was a real ghost ball did not exist, so I made one.

Judy was so impressed with the amazing improvements in her game and Rob’s game that she convinced me to get a patent on it and sell it to the public so many other people could benefit from something that worked so well. One example, in January 2004 my son, my wife, and I played in a tournament together for the first time. It was a tournament that an ABATE organization in Washington, PA. was having. My wife has been shooting for four years and my son has been shooting for two years and I have been shooting for over thirty five years. Rob took first place, I took third place and Judy took fourth place.

The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL is built with integrity and American Pride. It is fabricated in Muddycreek PA., 50 miles from where I live and it is made of a high quality, scratch resistant, ¼” thick lexan. It gives you an accurate place to aim because of the hole in the center and makes it a step above, just a ghost ball. The tangent lines on the base shows you where the cue ball is going after hitting the object ball. The removable English dial – a - hand makes this product complete. It shows you where to apply English and allows you to set the hand where you want it. The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL is 2 ¼” round and 2 ¼” high, the same size as a regulation cue ball, and yet when not in use the two pieces lie flat together and fit in a small carrying pouch and can easily be tucked into your cue case, your purse, or even in your watch pocket.

The question people ask the most is, does my ghost ball really work and my answer is, it better work, I only sale one product. Most people would think that I am selling my product to make money. The truth is, there is not much profit on each unit after costs of materials, manufacturing, internet cost, and time involved with invoices, shipping labels, boxes, and answering E - mails. I am selling this product because my heart is in it and my passion for teaching a game that is so enjoyable. The game of pool can teach you many things like, hand and eye coordination, how to plan ahead, and even how to really focus on one thing at a time. Also the game can brings about the beginning of many new friendships and it can bring families closer together too. It has brought my family closer together than it has ever been.

I know I have accomplished my goals and for those of you who have bought my product, I thank you and hope that I have made the game easier for you to learn.


Robert W. Ringeisen

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