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Cue Ball English 101

Lesson 8
August, 2004

In this lesson I will show you why you will not get good position on your next shot if you do not use English. I will set up the same shot, in two diagrams. In diagram # 1, I will not use any English. This is the wrong way to play this shot. I take a chance of scratching in the side pocket. I also take a chance that I will not get good position on my next ball.

Diagram 1

diagram 1

Now here is the same shot but this time I will use a little right English. When the cue ball hits the rail, the right English will through the cue ball long. In diagram # 2, the cue ball ends up much closer to the long rail for a great shot on your next ball. This is the right way to play this shot.

Diagram 2

diagram 2

Now I will set up the same shot, but this time you will notice that the next object ball is on the other end of the table. Looking at Diagram # 2, using right English will not leave your cue ball in a good place for your next shot. For this shot use low right English. Also you must use a good strong follow through.

Diagram 3

diagram 2

The low English will pull the cue ball close to the diamond, near the side pocket. When the cue ball hits the rail, the right English will through the cue ball long, spinning it back down table. Remember the cue ball is spinning counter clockwise giving it a natural roll. As the cue ball hits the 4th rail, spinning counter clockwise, it will create friction between the cue ball and that rail. It will stop the cue ball from spinning and slow it down from rolling. You have just played a five rail shot to get position on your next ball. It was not that hard to do now that you know how and why to use English. It is up to you to decide what English to use for each shot or if any English is needed. If you think about it, you lose games, not because you missed a shot, but because you did not know how to get position on your next ball.

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