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Cue Ball English 101

Lesson 6
June, 2004

The reason for using English is to make the cue ball go to a certain place on the table for your next shot. Left and right English takes most of affect when it hits a rail, not the object ball. By understanding how the cue ball comes off the rail with left or right English, you will finally be able to get the cue ball to go where you want it to go for your next shot. But you will still need to know where the cue ball is going to hit the rail after it hits an object ball. It is called the tangent line. The tangent line lets you know where the cue ball is going after hitting the object ball. So, I will have to get you side tracked for a moment.

The tangent line is very easy to understand. It looks just like this ( + ), like a cross. Draw a line through the center of the of the ghost ball and through the center of the object ball to the center of the pocket and then draw another line in the shape of a cross through the ghost ball to the rail. The line going to the rail is your tangent line. The cue ball will roll on the tangent line after hitting the object ball, using center English. The tangent line can only be changed by using high or low English. Left or right English will not change the tangent line.

In diagram # (1) you are shooting the one ball in the side pocket. The ball with the cross in it is where the cue ball should be when it hits the object ball. This is called the ghost ball. The dotted line is your tangent line. The arrow shows you where the cue ball is going to hit the rail.

Diagram 1

cue ball english diagram 1

You might be wondering why in the lesson # (5), I had you shooting the cue ball to the rail at the center diamond with left and right English with the intention of making the cue ball go in a certain direction. Well there is a motive to my madness. When you use center English on this shot, the cue ball will hit the rail and come back up table on the same line, the tangent line. By doing this, you might not have a good shot on your next ball. In diagram # (2) I will show you how to pocket the one ball and get position on the two ball.

Diagram 2

cue ball english diagram 2

Now that you already know where the cue ball is going to hit the rail, you can make the cue ball go where you want it to go by using left English. The left English will throw the cue ball to the left after it hits the rail. Just like in lesson # 5. If you want the cue ball to end up on the other side of the two ball, use right English.

Now wasn't that easy. You will start having fun with the game of pool now that you know how to make English work for you. In next months lesson I will show you how to get position on the same shot using a combination of high, low, left, and right English.

Good Luck,

EZ Shot Ghost Ball

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