Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker using Ez Shot Ghost Ball. Teach yourself how to shoot pool the EZ way.The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target shows you exactly where you need to aim your cue stick to pocket the pool ball.
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Cue Ball English 101

Lesson 4
April, 2004

This lesson will be about follow English. Follow English, known as high English is when you make the cue ball roll foreword after hitting the object ball. You will want to perform this shot if your next object ball is on the other side of the table. By practicing this shot you will learn to control how far the cue ball will roll foreword after hitting the object ball. I believe that by learning how to get the cue ball to roll the full length of the table you will gain your confidence.

Place the cue ball where you brake from and place an object ball about ten inches away from the cue ball in a straight line to the corner pocket down table.

Try making the object ball in the corner pocket and the cue ball. If you own the EZ SHOT GHOST BALL, place it to the left or the right of your cue ball as a reference. Turn the English hand to the twelve O’clock position. Where the white ball is at the end of the English hand is extreme high English and medium high English is between the center of the cue ball and extreme high English. Keep your cue stick as level as possible, line up your shot for the corner pocket. Aim the tip of your cue ˝ an inch above the center of the cue ball. This is extreme high English. Make sure your cue stick will extend four inches or more beyond where the cue ball is sitting. Take a couple practice strokes and when you think you are ready, shoot through the cue ball with a firm hit. Practice this shot until you can make both balls nine out of ten times. Once you have learned how to do this, try doing the same shot but this time try to get the cue ball to stop in the middle of the table using medium high English and a softer hit. This may take some time to learn but with enough practice you will be able to get the cue ball with in inches of where you want it to stop. It will not be much longer and you too will be running tables like the pros on ESPN.

Good Luck,

EZ Shot Ghost Ball

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