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Cue Ball English 101

Lesson 3
Mar. 2004

With this lesson the fun is just beginning. The draw shot is not hard to do, but getting the amount of draw you want for position does take a lot of practice. The best way to practice the draw shot is by shooting directly at an object ball. To execute the draw shot you must keep your cue stick as level as possible. Do not raise the butt of your cue stick up in the air at all. As you get down and prepare for this shot check to make sure that your cue stick will extend at lest four inches or more past the cue ball. Now looking at the cue ball, you must aim a inch straight down from the center of the cue ball; this is called extreme low English. If you own an EZ Shot Ghost Ball, you can place it to the left or right of the cue ball and turn the English hand to the 6:00 clock position. The little white ball at the end of the English hand shows you exactly how far down from the center of the cue ball you must aim. Take a couple practice strokes and then shoot straight through the cue ball with a firm hit. The greater the distance you shoot through the cue ball the greater the distance cue ball will draw. Remember you can not execute a good stop shot or a draw shot with a soft hit because your cue ball will just roll forward after you hit the object ball.

You have to mentally prepare yourself for this shot. Go over it in your mind before you shoot it. There are four parts to the draw shot. Keeping a level stick, hit the cue ball with extreme low English a inch down from the center, shoot at least four inches past were the cue ball was sitting, and use a firm hit. You will be amazed at how much cue ball control you will have and how much more dramatic your draw shot will be after practicing only a few times. This has to be one of the most amazing shots in pool.

Lesson # 3 is now over. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of this shot with a little practice.

Good Luck,

EZ Shot Ghost Ball

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