Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker using Ez Shot Ghost Ball. Teach yourself how to shoot pool the EZ way.The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target shows you exactly where you need to aim your cue stick to pocket the pool ball.
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Cue Ball English 101

Lesson 2
Feb. 2004

In lesson one you learned what the cue ball is doing when you shoot directly at the object ball. Now you will learn how to master the Stop Shot. The stop shot can only be done by shooting straight at the object ball, if there is any angle then the cue ball will drift and will not stop. To perform a stop shot you have to stop your stick as soon as you hit the cue ball. Do not shot through the cue ball.

If the object ball is four to six inches away from the cue ball then shoot center English on the cue ball, aiming for the center of the object ball. Do not shoot through the cue ball; stop your stroke as soon as you hit the cue ball. The stop shot is the only exception to this rule, all other shots you have to shoot through the cue ball. To stop the cue ball it does not matter if the object ball is close to the cue ball or further away. As the distance between the cue ball and the object ball become greater and greater you must start shooting lower and lower on the cue ball to get it to stop and adjusting your speed to a firmer hit. This is called low English. You can use the diagram of the ghost ball from lesson one to understand what I am talking about. A little low English is between, the center of the cue ball and 6:00. Extreme low English is hitting the cue ball at the 6:00 spot on the cue ball. If are your using the English hand on the EZ SHOT GHOST BALL, the little ball at the end of the English hand would be your "extreme English" and any where between center, and the little ball on the hand is considered to be "a little English". So if the object ball is two feet away from the cue ball then you would hit it firm with a little low English. If it is a greater distance than that, then you will have to hit it firmer using extreme low English. Remember do not follow through the cue ball for a stop shot. Lesson two is now over. There is a lot to learning English and a lot to remember but with practice and patients you will know what to do with out thinking about it. It will all be worth it in the end.

Good Luck

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