Learn How to Shoot Pool Billiards and Snooker using The Ghost Ball. Teach yourself how to shoot pool the EZ way.The GHOST BALL target shows you exactly where you need to aim your cue stick to pocket the pool ball.
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Cue Ball English 101

Lesson 1
Jan. 2004

I have been getting many questions about English, so I did a lot of research on this subject. What I came up with is no one seems to give you the answers you're looking for only because English is not that hard to learn but it is very hard to explain all at one time. To explain English in one article would be to confusing so in the next few months my articles will be devoted to this subject. I will explain what English is, when it takes affect, what happens to the cue ball, and what happens to the object ball. I am also going to give you FREE lessons at the same time. You will finally get the answers you've been looking for. You will want to print each article on English, attach them together and take it with you to the pool table of your choice to use for a reference as you experiment and learn.

I am going to use a diagram of my Ghost Ball and place numbers on it like a clock, to represent the cue ball. The hours on a clock are to let you know where to hit the cue ball for different English. Then I will explain what happens to the cue ball before and after you hit it the object ball with English. There are a few things I would like you to do when you are practicing English on the pool table. Number one is, if you own an Ghost Ball, attach the English dial a hand and turn it to the different times on the clock you are working on. Than set it on the pool table to the left or right of the cue ball to see if you are hitting the cue ball in the same place every time. Or you can lay this diagram on the pool table to the left or right of the cue ball for a reference. Number two, place the cue ball in any pocket and forget about it. Use a striped high ball as your cue ball and place it on the table with the white side of the ball facing you. Also use a striped high ball for your object ball. This will give you a great visual of what the cue ball and the object ball are doing when they are hit.

English means where you hit the cue ball with your cue tip.

pool english
Diagram (1)

C = Center   6:00 = Low   12:00 = High   9:00 = Left Spin
3:00 = Right Spin

C = Center English

The first thing that happens when you hit the cue ball is it glides over the cloth like a ghost. You think it is rolling on the table, but it is not. Depending on the speed you hit the cue ball with and the distance between the cue ball and the object, determines when the cue ball begins to roll.

Try this. Set a striped ball about six inches away from your cue ball. Remember to use a striped ball as your cue ball and set it up with the white side of the ball facing you. Using center English, shoot straight at the object ball with medium speed. The cue ball stops dead when it hits the object ball. What happened is the cue ball slide into the object ball before friction from the cloth on the table and the cue ball could take hold.

Now set the cue ball and the object ball about two feet apart. Shoot straight at the object ball with the same speed. When the cue ball hits the object ball it does not stop. It rolls forward. Do the same thing with the balls four feet apart. What happens here is the friction between the cue ball and the table cloth has more time to take hold. The further apart the balls are the more the cue ball will roll.

Lesson one is now over. I am sure you have learned something from this article but make sure you always remember it, if you plan on shooting pool for many years to come.

Good Luck

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